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Introducing Erick Russ, and New Beer Collab for Kīkīao with The Tao of Tea

Get to Know Pono Brewing Head of Sales, Erick Russ Erick Russ of Pono Brewing, is a world traveler who is constantly seeking deliciousness to satisfy his palate, whether it is in the Greater Portland Area or abroad. Although he shares his experience in consumption whenever Brew Master and founder Larry Clouser develops recipes, it turns out Erick is not …

Pono Brewing at Nano Beer Fest

The 2016 Nano Beer Fest will feature beer, cider and mead from locally sourced Northwest Nano Breweries.

Come and try our beer. We will be pouring Pineapple Express, a Pineapple Kolsch style beer named after one of Josh’s favorite movies but it’s wet and refreshing just like the weather it brings, and Kīkīao, a South Pacific Farmhouse style beer made with notes of Passionfruit and Mango. An instant getaway in every glass!