Pono Brewing Returns to the Nano Fest as Guest of Honor

Pono Brewing is at the 9th Annual Nano Beer Fest, and while everyone else is serving two beers, as guest of honor Pono is offering an amazing array of six different beers.

The 2017 Spring Nano Beer Fest is a 2-day event showcasing small batch breweries from the Pacific Northwest. These are beers that can be hard to find anywhere else since they are typically self-distributed breweries and there are very few kegs made for each run. If you are a true beer enthusiast looking to be in early on the most popular beers of tomorrow, then this fest is for you! If you are a connoisseur of passionately brewed beers, ciders and meads of any and all styles, this fest is for you! If you just love beer and having a good time …. this fest is for you!

This is the Pono Brewing lineup:

Pineapple Express Kölsch – 4.9% ABV, 12 IBU

A delicious Kölsch style beer with malt from Germany and real pineapple creating a balanced beer with slight pineapple aroma and flavor that goes well with food and by itself. Was it named after the weather pattern or the movie? Only Josh knows! (Winner of the Widmer Collaborator Award 2011 and 2nd Place at Portland Spring Beer and Wine Festival 2016)

Tropic Thunder Tart IPA – 6.2% ABV, 62 IBU

A unique and refreshing twist on an American favorite. We combine a west coast style IPA with the wonderful flavors and aroma you would find on a vacation to the South Pacific or the Caribbean! Despite what your taste buds tell you, there are is no fruit in this beer. The flavors and aromatics all come from both the hops and our special yeast blend courtesy of the great people over at Imperial Organic Yeast in Portland, OR. All the ingredients are locally grown in the Northwest.

Southern Whirl – 8.14% ABV, 25 IBU

Originally was made for one of the festivals, but it quickly generated interest from word of mouth. The style is a Belgian Strong that has Black Currant and Raspberry for a nice finish.

Peachy Cabron – 4.75% ABV, 6.6 IBU

Whoever says it’s not peach season, hasn’t tried our new beer, Peach Cabron. This easy drinking beer is about as smooth as a beer can come. It’s a tart farmhouse style beer with a touch of peaches. The first in a series of a farmhouse/saisons.

Small Axe – 6.3% ABV, 60 IBU

A trial run at making a Hoppy Pale Ale. This little brother to our El Garrote IPA is for those wanting something just a little lighter without sacrificing great taste.

Three Amigos – 5.7% ABV, 18 IBU

Mexican Lager with blue agave. This refreshingly crisp beer is a fresh take on your favorite south of the border beer style. The blue agave adds a taste almost reminiscent of a top shelf tequila without the burn. Some might say it has a plethora of flavor.

Details about the Nano Fest:

John’s Marketplace
3535 SW Multnomah Blvd
Portland, OR 97219

Friday, April 21st 2pm-10pm (1pm early entry for VIP and industry folks!)
Sat, April 22nd Noon-10pm

21 or older only

$20 Package = Tasting glass + 10 tokens!
Additional tokens $1,
Raffle tickets $1
Buy ahead and get more bang for your buck! Click Here for Presale!

There will be drawings throughout the day BOTH DAYS! Friday and Saturday: great prizes from Showers Pass and Kegs Unlimited as well as beer memorabilia. Saturday only: rare / old beer.
(you must be present to win)

General Admission

GA – Pre-Sale Buy in advance and get 50% more tickets! Commemorative glass and 15 tickets (vs 10 tickets at the door) $20.00, ($22.23 with fees)

VIP Pre-Sale

VIP package includes early entry (1 pm on Friday) Nano Beer Fest glass and 25 tickets! Come in early, beat the crowd and enjoy more of the unique beers. $30.00 ($32.85 with fees)

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