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Pono Brewing is a craft brewery in Portland, Oregon formed in 2013 by Larry Clouser.

Larry Clouser
Founder – Brewing and Distribution

Prior to creating Pono Brewing in 2013, Larry started in the brewing industry in 1995 at Pusch Ridge Brewing Company in Tucson, Arizona where he proved to be a quick learner and moved up to head brewer. In 1997 he moved back to Portland, OR and joined BJ’s Restaurant and Brewpub and was a brewer and bar manager. Larry left the brewing industry for a while but continued to homebrew and was very active in the homebrewing community, winning several awards. He later came back to the beer industry working for FH Steinbart Company selling brewing supplies and teaching others how to brew.

“After test brewing for ten years, I’ve learned not to use Dragon Fruit.”

Larry then went to work for the supply side of the beer industry starting with Brewcraft USA as a Sales Manager and then moving on to Country Malt Group where he worked with some of the nation’s biggest and best breweries in Oregon, California and Hawaii selling ingredients and brewing collaboration beers as well as consulting for startup breweries in other countries including the Philippines where his wife is from. Larry was a Guest Instructor for Oregon State University’s Brewery Startup Program and was a Guest Speaker for the 2015 American Homebrewing Association’s Homebrewcon.

Erick Russ
Management, Sales and Distribution

A native of Michigan, Erick follows in the footsteps of his great grandparents’ Edward and Semone Coury, owners of the Rainbow Inn in Detroit. After attending Northern Michigan University, Erick lived all over the country until finding home in Portland. He is a local entrepreneur, serious foodie and world traveler. He and Larry, quite an adventurer himself, met through a friend and after discovering a mutual love of beer, reggae music and diverse cultures—and more beer—the collaboration began.

“Being a salesman isn’t easy. Selling beer in a city with an insane amount of beer options is even harder… I first started hitting the pavement armed with no sales skills, the smile of an idiot, and a heart full of enthusiasm.”

In 2017 Erick spearheaded Pono Brewing Company’s inaugural “Shandytown”—part mini-food-festival, part cocktail competition—as an annual fundraiser for one of Pono’s nonprofit partners, Growing Gardens, with funds being used in statewide food security programs.

Byron Sina
Westside Sales, Distribution and Graphic Design

Byron Sina is a recent addition to Pono Brewing, bringing his extensive experience in graphic design and a fresh enthusiasm to selling Pono beer in the west side and Salem area.

He attended the University of Hawai‘i at Manoa and did a year on exchange at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. After obtaining a BFA degree in Graphic Design, he worked at several ad agencies in Honolulu before moving to Boulder, Colorado. Living in Colorado and doing graphic design for various companies in the sports industry gave him ample opportunities to snowboard and drink great craft beer.

“I just wanted to drink beer and hang out. You gotta work too?! All kidding aside. It’s been a wonderful experience working with the crew at Pono Brewing! I hope to be here for a long time.”

In 2007, Byron moved with his family to Portland, Oregon where he has worked with a variety of clients – from cannabis dispensaries to large real estate developers. In 2021, Byron started doing some graphic design work for Pono Brewing. He and Larry hit it off and Byron has been helping to build the Pono business in other areas as well. He has enjoyed selling Pono beer and has even helped with distribution and beer making when needed. He’s learning a lot and having a great time. If you see him driving around in Silver, his vintage white Subaru Outback, say ‘howzit’!