big lebowski event corvalisPono at Big Lebowski Party in Corvallis

Hey Corvallis friends. Have you been hankerin’ for some Pono in your life? Well, head on down to The Downward Dog (Campus) this Saturday. We’ll have Pineapple Express and Peachy Cabrón on tap AND our own resident dude will be down there pouring samples from 8-9ish. El Duderino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing. Come hang!

As the poster says, it’s Saturday, April 29 starting at 8 pm. Check out Downward Dog website for more about their Campus location and all that.

AND in other news ….

Pono Brewing Awarded 1st and 2nd at PDX Spring Beer & Wine Fest … Again. (What, Us Brag?)

PDX announces Pono wins

We’ll let the Portland Spring Beer & Wine Fest people do it for us:

“Pono Brewing Does It Again! They won both first place and second place in the 2017 Portland Spring Beer and Wine Fest People’s Choice Awards! Their excellent IPA- El Garrote took first place and Southern Whirl – their Black Currant and Oregon Raspberry Belgian Strong Pale took second place! That makes 2 years in a row that Pono won the Portland Spring Beer and Wine Fest People’s Choice Awards, Last year their Pineapple Express won first place!” – Portland Spring Beer & Wine Fest Facebook (Correction: In 2016 Kikiao took 1st and Pineapple Express won 2nd.)
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